James Fennell

Property Expert

Cairns, QLD

About James Fennell

You make better property decisions with great information. James has done it all in property to guide you to the outcomes that are best for you. He has built, developed, sold, renovated, purchased, planned, financed, designed, presented, marketed, structured and rolled out 100s of houses, units, land lots, commercial and retail properties throughout Queensland. You will get clear, honest and straight forward answers to make great decisions but James is caring enough to know that property is about people first and how they want to live and achieve their personal dreams.

Qualified in Accounting, Economics, Valuations and Business and with a career background in finance, construction and property - James has the many tools to call upon to help you succeed with your property goals.

With a genuine passion for property and an optimistic and determined promise of service - your property outcomes become even more successful with James by your side.